Customer satisfaction is our top focus as a Mono Paper Printing House with a diverse customer base in Turkey and throughout the world.

Mono Kat Printing was founded in 2015 by Evren Yolver, who gained experience working in the printing industry during the 1980s. We have established a name for ourselves through the high-quality service we provide to sectors such as health, textile, food, cosmetics, and technology. We are delighted to be a leading and pioneering organization in our industry, serving as the principal supplier to large corporations in Turkey and other countries, owing to our vision, ideas, collaborative approach, task sharing awareness, and experience in our field.

Parallel to our industry expertise, we have developed the competence and capacity to manage the most difficult projects, owing to our experienced and talented administrative/technical employees, machinery – equipment power, and financial volume, as well as our constant growth trajectory. With our efforts that promote the concept of “sustainable,” whose importance is growing daily, we practice recycling.

With years of experience and an excitement that has not waned since the first day, we continue to work in our own manufacturing facility on a 5,000-square-meter plot in zmir Pnarbaş, raising our targets day by day.


Our vision is defined by our goal: To be the sole organization in its area in Turkey and a model and leading organization globally.

Our Mission; To be the best solution partner for the businesses we supply in the fields of paper and cardboard packaging, fixtures, and cardboard box manufacturing, all of which we produce with an inventive mindset.


We are cognizant of the role that individuals play in ensuring the protection and sustainability of natural resources. Together with our employees, we work conscientiously to ensure that the next generation inherits a habitable world.

We favor ecologically friendly techniques in all aspects of our organization and make a concerted effort to recycle.